Mid-Year Real Estate Market Outlook 2022

Falling prices and impending housing market regulation are driving down investment volume – but potential remains immense

Real estate market remains highly dynamic despite increase in loan interest rates

Dear reader,

The summer break comes just in time. We get the chance to catch our breath after a few unpredictable months. A chance to take a look at where we stand halfway through the year. Growth in the investment market was unprecedented: more than 30 per cent. But that was set against a whole series of crises - Ukraine, inflation, interest rates, nitrogen, and so on. What remains at the bottom of the line? We simply do not know yet. What we dó know is that the potential of real estate is and remains enormous. The market will not be the same as in recent years, but all the ingredients are there to end 2022 on a high note. Kind regards,

Erik Langens Executive Director Capital Markets